My teaching style is infused with passion and energy. I enjoy connecting with my students and sharing my love of yoga.
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Yoga can do amazing things for the physical body, however when you are ready, it can do much more. It can teach you to slow down and breathe, to be engaged in each moment. It can teach you to move toward stillness and peace of mind; to let go of the ever rambling thoughts and find clarity. As you reduce the “mind clutter” you are able to see more clearly what really matters, what matters the most.
As you move away from the desires of the small self, you begin connecting to the larger energy of the universe. You feel less alone, and realize that you are not separate from anyone or anything.
You begin connecting with your “true self”, with your heart. As you learn to “be”… you learn to trust. You find purpose in living, purpose in every moment. The more connected you become to your “true self”, the stronger and more joyful you feel.
You begin to share “who you are”, your gifts, and your love with everyone and everything.


The reality is that changes are coming...they must come. You must share in bringing them in. Change is scary, it's hard, it's needed. Sometimes it feels good, other times it feels bad. But one thing is for sure, it keeps on happening. Just when our life seems settled. it changes. We can't stop life. We can't stop aging. The world changes. Life moves on. However, there are always new things to do and learn. Change means we are always beginners in some ways. We need to ask for wisdom and courage. We receive it by listening, praying, and by meditating. When we ask, our Higher Power will teach us to be part of the good changes.

Action for the day: Today I'll think about the changes in my life. I've lived through a lot. I'll be okay when more changes come. I'll keep living, learning, and growing.

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