About Gigi

Yoga has changed my life. My 9 months of teacher training were transformational. A month after I graduated from teacher training, I resigned from my full time job of 12 years and started my yoga business. Yoga has helped me to listen to my heart, and to follow my passion. It helped me pull myself out of depression and into life. It continues to teach me to love myself, to trust, to be grateful.
My favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz, has been giving me the answer on how to find contentment for many decades. After Dorothy returns from her journey to Oz, she tells Auntie Em and her friends that you don't need to go looking for happiness, it's already right in your own backyard. My personal translation is that true joy comes from within.
I have a BS in Health Promotion & Wellness and am a certified yoga instructor, RYT, with Yoga Alliance. I have recently completed both my 500 hour Teacher Training and a 1000 hour Yoga Therapy Program. I am building the yoga therapy into my group classes and am also offering individual yoga therapy sessions.

May 1990 - graduated with BS in Health Promotion & Wellness, UW Stevens Point

July 2002 - first official yoga training, with Yoga Fit, level one

January 2003 - started teaching yoga part time

September 2004 - graduated from "Feel Your Best Yoga", certified 200 hour RYT
    January 2005 - started "be well yoga"
      August 2014 - Graduated with 500 hour RYT and also became certified as a Yoga Therapist with The International Association of Yoga Therapy.