Happiness Power Principle #3, 4-11-16

Decide To Be Happy

Think of the major decisions you've made that have affected the rest of your life: where you chose to go to college; who you chose to marry; whether or not to have kids; your career choice. Trace the impact off these decisions on your life. I'd bet that the ripples of these decisions are still visible today.

Here's another decision to add to that inventory: decide to be happy! I'll bet you've never sat down and consciously made that decision. The third principle, then, is to affirmatively make the decision to be happy. Set happiness as your goal. Determine to do whatever is necessary to bring yourself daily happiness. Commit to seek happiness throughout your life.

Take these steps:

* see every day as an opportunity to be happy

*earmark each morning those people and activities to be enjoyed

* pay conscious attention to enjoying each and every moment of pleasure

* set priorities so that the things you find important , that make you happy, do not take the backseat to things you find trivial

*fervently teach the value of happiness to everyone

Russell Grieger, Happiness on Purpose