Happiness Power Principle #4, 4/18/16

Attitude is Everything!

If you think about it, attitude adjustment is a special form of personal responsibility. Why? Because it says that I, not circumstances, determine my mood. We need to shed happiness-destroying attitudes in favor of attitudes that promote happiness, even in the presence of annoying life circumstances.

You create both your happiness and your unhappiness with your frame of mind. You can train your mind to focus on holding attitudes that are beneficial. After all, it is not so much the circumstances but the meaning you take from them that counts.

To implement Happiness Power Principle #4:

* accept that you largely control your own emotional state by your attitude.

* become a keen observer of your own thinking, so that you can quickly spot those attitudes that undercut your happiness

* actively convince yourself how irrational and self-defeating those attitudes that crush your happiness can be

* determine exactly what attitudes that you need to help you experience frequent and regular happiness

* review your happiness-producing attitudes daily to keep them alive and active

* develop a slogan or mantra that you can adopt to aid and abet your happiness

Excerpt from Russell Grieger Happiness on Purpose