Best Year of Your Life - Honor your physical body, January 15, 2018

Sometimes in our rush to take care of people, projects, and things we forget how sacred and precious our physical bodies are. But nothing can rob you of self-love faster than letting your body go unattended.
This weeks practice is to give attention to your beloved body in some way. Doing so will leave you feeling better about yourself, and will also ensure that you have the energy and resources to continue to take care of the people and projects in your life.

So let yourself tune into the state of your body, do an assessment of what it really needs. Maybe a chiropractic adjustment, a massage, a teeth cleaning, cleaning up your diet with more veggies and less sugar, spending time outdoors in fresh air, a walk, or maybe you just need some down time or rest.

Honor your physical body.
Excerpt from Debbie Ford