Best Year of your life - Forgiveness, January 22, 2018

Resentments drain our vital energy. They act like a barrier around our heart, preventing us from receiving all of the love we desire. Holding on to our resentments restricts the amount of vitality and abundance we're able to receive. The mere mention of a person's name that angers us can ruin our mood and steal our joy. To find forgiveness, we must look for the wisdom that's hidden in the hurtful events of our past.

Once we receive the lessons of any upsetting experience, forgiveness unfolds naturally. Forgiveness lightens our hearts and liberates our souls.

Your self-love practice for this week is to think about someone you've been harboring a grudge against and allow yourself to notice the weight of carrying that resentment.

Next, allow yourself to see what it would feel like to be free of the weight of this grudge. Know that this practice is not for the person you hold the grudge against, you don't need to have any communication with them. This practice is for you! Surrender the weight of these negative feelings for self-love!

You may like to then think about what you've learned as a result of this experience. What wisdom do you now possess that you would never have gained if not for this person? How can you utilize this wisdom to enrich your life?

Allow this new awareness to soften your heart and help you continue to forgive.