Best Year of your life - No more excuses - January 24, 2018

No more excuses. Maybe you've noticed that human beings are masters at inventing excuses for why we can't or don't have what we desire. The scariest thing about our excuses is that we often MISTAKE THEM FOR THE TRUTH! Your practice this week is to reflect upon one area of yopur life that you wish were different. Think about the reasons that you haven't been able to create the results you desire.

As you examine your list of alibis, allow yourself to see if the reasons are the truth, or simply excuses. Then ask yourself these questions?

*How long have I been using this excuse?
*What will my life look like in 1, 5, or 10 years if I keep using this excuse?
*If my life depended upon it, would I be willing to give up this excuse?

To have the best year of your life, all you need to do is become more committed to your vision than to your excuses!

Good luck!