Surrendering, February 7, 2018

When we resist anything, we are going against the normal flow of life. Imagine rafting down a river and fighting to make the raft go against the current. This is the futility of resistance. not only do we fail in our attempts to change what's happening, but we also exhaust ourselves in the process. By resigning our position as "Manager of the Universe", we become ready to receive the help we need.

When we surrender to our lives exactly as they are in this moment, things begin to change.Surrendering our own will opens up choices and options that were previously hidden from our sight.

Your practice is to take time to become more aware of what or whom you may be resisting in your life. Notice the amount of energy you spend trying to fix, control,or change the situation. What does the struggle rob you of? What does it cost you to hold on to your resistance?

Then ask yourself, "What thought, belief, or expectation would I have to give up in order to surrender my resistance? What action would I need to take in order to accept this situation exactly as it is?"

The next time you feel yourself resisting, breathe deeply and affirm that you needn't always insist that your own perspective and opinions are the only right ones and SURRENDER...
Excerpt from Debbie Ford